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Why oh why do we set ourselves unachievable New Years resolutions when it come to our wellbeing, fitness and diet? How should we be doing it? It’s so easy to set our targets too high, rather than just enjoying the journey – then give up when we don’t see instant results.

I believe in realistic and sustainable changes that make a big and accumulative difference. So, before you start writing out your crazy targets, give these 5 points a good read!

Why we give up on our healthy New Years Resolutions


Time is a big reason for people giving up. “I just don’t have the time”… right? Well, everyone technically has time to fit at least 20 mins of exercise, whether that’s a brisk walk, HITT training or even a mini morning dance party! HITT has low impact exercises too, so even if injuries are an issue, there’s still no excuse!

I want it right NOW!

We live in a world where we are inpatient and want results instantly. exercise and healthy eating takes effort and time. But the results are worth the effort.

I missed a day, it’s over!

Exercise and healthy eating are a habit, which needs to be integrated as part of your life. If you miss one day of exercise, don’t give up! Today is another day, draw a line and the same with eating.

I don’t feel motivated!

The sense of satisfaction you get from following through with an exercise routine is immense! Endorphins make you feel amazing – not to mention the effect on your self esteem.

I’m too old to start/I don’t know where to start!

There is no such thing as too old, and you don’t need a gym to get started. No matter your age or your workout gear, you can walk! Exercise like running and power-walking are easy on the body and essentially free!

Whilst I never want anyone to overdo exercise or push themselves too hard with healthy eating – I’m also an advocate of no excuses! Use the New Year to throw all your bullsh*t out of the window. Don’t make resolutions you can’t keep, just make a promise to your body. “I love you body, so I’m going to treat you better”

Happy New You!

Love, Zoe

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